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this is my gallery.... :iconexcaliburfaceplz: ew..
(by the way, please don't sue me if your esophogas is permanantly damaged because of uncontrollable vomiting upon viewing my "art", if you could call it that haha ^^; have fun! :D


i loove art that has a lot of thought and effort put into it and with a meaning i like or can relate to. i also love well-done fanart, comics, etc! if you like the same things, then check these artists and their artwork out :)
finally made a plush account here: StitchBitchh
ill be taking commissions there eventually so go watch if youre interested... or even if not go check it out anyway cause youre cool
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United States
i dont really have a great gallery at the moment, but im working hard to improve my skills in watercolors and digital art. right now i mainly have a lot of pictures. i have a lot of good ideas stored up in my head though, and ill do my best to get them out on paper. my ideas usually have a lot of symbolism or a meaning i want to get across; a lot of my ideas are also inspired by things i love, such as my favorite anime and manga.
anime and manga i enjoy are lucky star, azumanga daioh, xxxholic, ouran high school host club, mushi-shi, death note, honey and clover, ergo proxy, loveless, soul eater, sgt. frog, durarara, kuroshitsuji (I and II), Junjou Romantica, baccano!, hetalia, Black Rock Shooter OVA, sekai-ichi hatsukoi, k-on!, baka and test, nabari no ou, chobits, big windup!, and most of all fullmetal alchemist and fullmetal alchemist; brotherhood!
Current Residence: in winry's toolbox
Favourite genre of music: good music!
Favourite photographer: annie liebovitz
Favourite style of art: anything that's done well and has a deep meaning
Favourite cartoon character: the joker, harley quinn, batman, alphonse and edward elric, jacuzzi splot, mihashi ren, hagumi hanamoto, winry rockbell, uchiha sasuke, itachi uchiha, spain and romano, and the list goes on and on........

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